Expansion Real Estate, represented by its proprietor Gabriele Giordani, joined the Real Estate Agents role of Reggio Emilia from 1996 to 1284 number. Currently it has been delegated to business / commercial concerns and the external sector, the provincial board of the Italian Federation of Professional Estate Agents, the largest trade union association of mediators known immobiliari.La FIAIP.

Giordani began his career in real estate in the mid-90s, holding a calendar, a great phone, so hard, the proper humility and the desire to fare.La passion for the estate of Jordan, not born in case, but he was sent by his father, a former executive of a construction company of the historic city.
Step by step and Realizing quickly that the changes would soon be involved in the commercial real estate sector, real estate expansion begins its inception to support leading brands, nationally and internationally, in developing their market presence to become their partner of choice to the north of Italy. This experience is crucial and, in short, is becoming the established mission of agenzia.Ad today Expanding Real Estate is able to support the strategic choices of firms offering their customers:
-A 'wide selection of business locations located in strategic locations within the city centers or shopping malls of the most important cities of romangna.
- Commercial activities.
- Office of honor in the historical buildings and business centers.
- Residential properties of the medium / high.
 Wanting to also provide a complete service to its customers at every stage of negotiation, the office supports customers step by step, starting from the acquisition of commercial space to the formalization of contract, thus establishing a profitable and lasting relationships with business partners.
While devoting himself with great commitment to the relationship with the companies expansion Realty reserves also carefully homeowners unable to offer a wide range of accommodation for rent within the Municipality of Reggio Emilia.
Expansion Real Estate is happy to provide references as it deems appropriate and propose the most appropriate solutions to your needs.
Remember that the score: No commission is payable by law, anyone who is not registered to the appropriate role of estate agents and brokers. Law 296/06.
The improper exercise of the profession of estate agent, without proper registration to the role, involves the misuse immediate return of the sum amount received for brokering a penalty from € 7,500 to € 15,000 awarded by the Chamber of Commerce for the first n second abuse, and the third time shooting a criminal complaint to the courts for illegal. Always check the registration to the role also online, the site of the Chamber of Commerce who is presented as a real estate agent. Combat illegal!
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